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JK Heiser GmbH was founded in 1995 in Germany, the company specializes in designing and manufacturing tower cranes of light and medium range, applying European engineering in a philosophy of quality and reliability.

Motto International started in Europe as well, in 2010, manufacturing mast climbing work platforms and passenger and material hoist for the construction industry. The rack and pinion elevation machines were also engineered for other applications such as wind power industry (service lifts inside the turbine), oil and gas sector (explosion proof service lifts for refineries), and other special applications.

Both companies associated and started sharing their production in our facilities of South East Asia, increasing production capacity and improving costs in a competitive global market. European design and engineering with Asian production efficiency, competitiveness and service.

Motto International and JK Heiser merged into Heiser group in 2017, offering to its customers a full range of tower cranes, construction lifts, and mast climbers, with reliable and cost-effective machines, bringing full service and after sale.

Heiser group supplies its solutions worldwide, over the 5 continents, with adapted machines, technical and engineering support, after sale and always with a multinational team of technicians ready to assist our network all over the world.

Our distribution network is covering over 30 countries, where Heiser group is not only a manufacturer but a partner of its customers, offering a large standard range but also total flexibility in the development of their customized needs.

founded in 1995
in Germany
designing and manufacturing tower cranes
quality and reliability
covering over 30
flexibility in the
Heiser Group
Heiser Group
Heiser Group

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